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Durability Test

An excellent durability of "Robotic Cable" is always expected under various movements such as bending, twisting or sliding and so on. However, it is still impossible to have just one specification for all kinds of movements.
Therefore, we design and produce the robotic cable to meet your needs.
Hereinafter, a guide to the methods and the results of our durability test.
Based on these results and all our experiences, we design the most suitable specification for every customer.

Bending (example)

tensile load W=500g
bending radius R=20mm
back and forth 5 million times
test result: PASSED

U-Bending (example)

bending radius R=50mm
stroke S=500mm
back and forth 20 million times
test result: PASSED
Traveling bend

Twisting (example)

twisting length L=700mm
twisting angle θ=280degree
back and forth 20 million times
test result: PASSED

Durability Testing equipment

  • Bending


  • Traveling bend


  • Twisting


* Test results are for reference only and non-guaranteed.

Flame retardant/UL-approved

Flame retardant test equipment(JIS Standard)

Flame retardant test equipment
(JIS Standard)

UL-approved AWM (ETFE insulation, PVC sheath)

STYLE 20921 105℃, 300V, VW-1
STYLE 20949 105℃, 600V, VW-1
STYLE 20276 80℃, 30V, VW-1

UL-approved AWM (ETFE insulation, polyurethane sheath)

STYLE 20233 80℃, 300V, VW-1
STYLE 20234 80℃, 600V, VW-1

IPA Certification

Mobilon Tough Cable is suitable for using in the cleanroom. SRFV series is IPA certificated by Fraunhofer Institute.


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