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We provide various cable configurations for the structures of different equipments.

Composite Cable

To integrate plural cables such as power, signal and interface cable with thermocouple, optical fiber, air tube, extension lead rope/wire, tension member and so on, even if they are in different sizes.
Suitable for the cases of: a) Wiring in narrow space that is hard to put plural cables through, b) To support the tension of the cable itself, such as distribution crane, c) When a self-supporting cable is required, such as SCARA robot wiring.

  • (Power + signal)

  • (signal + coaxial)

  • Withstand load cable

  • with airtube

  • High stiffness cable

Flat Cable

To integrate plural cables into a flat shape.
Suitable for carrier wiring. Reduce the dust and friction.

Molding Flat Cable

Suitable for longer installation.
Lower cost.

Adhesive Flat Cable

Light, flexible to move and easy to diverge.
Could achieve uni-wiring of XY stage.

Branched Flat Cable

Curl Cable

For the wiring of expansion or rotation section.

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