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Mobilon Tough Cable



Mobilon tough cables have many excellent features, especially for moving parts wiring or for robots.We can propose suitable solution to meet your needs and applications.We select materials of conductor,insulater,shield,jacket and cable configuration to satisfy your demands.
As the result,Mobilon Tough Cable have superb functionality such as flexibility,bending endurance,twisting endurance,anti-abrasion,heat resistance,oil resistance,chemical resistance.

  • Fine Coaxial cable
  • Flexible Coaxial Cable
  • Interface cable
  • Composit cable


Endurance of Mobilon Tough Cable can be estimated to a certain level of lifetime by our wide experience and data,but its depend on application. Ultimately we conduct the endurance test according to customer's conditions or applications.

For various materials

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  • Conductor and

  • Insulator

  • Sheath

  • Shield structure
    and material

Materials of conductor composition
category tensile strength
electric conductivity
copper alloy


Excellent Mechanical characteristics For high-speed,high-acceleration moving parts Mainly for signal transmission.

727 1.7 75 (ex)S020


Good Mechanical characteristics.
Big sizes available.
For signal and power transmission.

207 15.0 98 (ex)A075
material tensile strength (MPa) elongation
heating resistance
oil resistance flame retardant weather resistance
hydrolysis resistance
ETFE(F) 39.2 200 150
polyester(E) 39.2 500 120 ×
linked polyethylene(C) 9.8 200 90 ×
material tensile strength (MPa) elongation
heating resistance
oil resistance flame retardant
polyurethane(U) 29.4 400 80
high-elasticity PVC(V) 9.8 120 100
  • High-elasticity PVC is lead-free.(JGPSSI difinition)
  • Also,polyester(E)、polyolefine(O) available.
braided shield good balance of shield effect and flexibility
served shield excellent flexibility
material ordinary copper alloy or pure copper.
Foil yarn is also available.
  • unit shield or entirety cable shield or both.

Cable Structure



Concentric color code

twisted pair(P)

twisted pair(P)

twisted pair color code


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